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Death Echoes...

>> Jan 25, 2008

Blessed she felt
And happiness echoed from
Her silent gestures
As she learned that
Her womb now had
the 'seed of life'.

The transformation -
From a woman to a mother;
It thrilled her,
Engulfed her into ethereal dreams
Tender moments
And happy-only memories.

The silkworm of hope
Wove coloured fabrics
Until it got rustled under negligence.

Little did she knew
That her collateral string
With her own baby
Would prove to be its death cord.

As she gleamed with hope,
And a shining future,
The umbilical cord
And tightened its grip on
The life's tiniest spark
To its futile culmination.

A cold bleak death
Invited the poor soul.
As the unaware mother
Had herself to blame only
And chose her child's way.

The cord hung itself cynically
Being the unwanted witness to
Two unfortunate deaths.


[Umbilicial Strangulation is a very rare accident in which the umbilical cord(the cord connecting the yet-to-be-born baby with mother)fastenes across the child's neck to give it a suffocating death and if not it can also harm the child a great deal]

The other interpretation is derivable from itself.I take this story as an opportunity to go
beyond two human lives and see it as a psychic phenomenon where we are caught unaware of our over-ambitiousness ,perversions as they actually grow inside us,with our negligence,and ultimately strangles us to a point of no return.]

[Any type of medical and technical error is highly regretted.I am not related to this
profession.Just had some references.Thank you.]

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2 well-wishers:

Jeya Anand February 04, 2008 12:05 AM  

Man... that was a beautiful imagery...

I guess a strangulated umbilical cord does no harm to a mother...
PS..Am a final yr medico :)

rukhiya March 12, 2008 6:59 AM  

Umbilicial Strangulation!
Medicine makes me harder, you are out to reverse it!

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