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>> Apr 21, 2011

There are islands inside all of us. Uneven in size, floating, drifting towards or away from each other they are, in an ocean. The thickness is a mystery. You never know how much is inside that deep blue water. The inches that float above the level is just a layer one would fathom. Assuring in its kind, it serves another purpose. You never let two islands come close.

Between them lies the ocean - split, convenient in its flexibility. It trespasses onto and around everything. That is why we keep our secrets inside it. Treasured deep they are. On quiet nights I dive in the freezing cold and warm myself with my pasts hidden at the center of the earth.

Now that you have an ocean inside you, there are stormy nights when the memories surface to sea level and touch islands. Curious souls pick them up and return to you, breaking or savouring. For some, the sea is rough, repetitive. For me, its quiet, its blue and just that.

For a relation, principles are like that thickness of an island. You never are sure when to use one, or to say, that you used. It is amusing indeed. But then, our deepest feelings are wondrous. They travel like clouds over a night sea when the stars and the moon observe.

Nothing is stationary. The oceans move, so does your treasure inside it and the islands that emote a thousand you into quietness of nights or the brightness of a morning. There, while traveling that eternity, an ocean is shared.

Little matters beyond. on a very beautiful moment you realize, someone has intruded into yours and stolen an island.

Sea meets a sea.


2 well-wishers:

shruthi April 21, 2011 9:17 PM  

:) No one can beat you at metaphors. Just so plainly and beautifully reasoned. Kudos!

Usha Pisharody July 28, 2011 10:12 AM  

As Shruthi has said, and as I have already mentioned on FB, your metaphors are mind blowing. Life blooms, ebbs, grows... and your writing is a sea in itself!

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