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DISEASE and living life

>> May 1, 2006

Disease,a mortal thing,very much our own.
Pain,anxiety,fear all meeting at the same end.
We take life as it is,for granted
Untill a sudden nighmarish jerk- a halt to ur steady life flow.
We realise at once how precious life is.
Living normal seems to be such a desired thing then,
though we were never satisfied with it in the past!
Fate,frustration pins us down to reality.
Disease,-the person gasps for a bit of fresh air
Begs for one hour of sleep.
We feel sleeping is important.
we knew but now we realise that we are lucky to be breathing normally.
On the uncertain path of future dayz
disease named unease awaits us
with the ultimate ambition of his-
bleak,pale death cheats our life and time.
Give life a chance,give living a thought.
so that our lungs do not remain subdued
our eyes do not get underpayed
and life gets a chance to live its part.

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