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>> May 22, 2006

Something was there in the early morning breeze
I got up shivering.
Last night it was you,not dreams,with whom i shared my sleep.
The day began,memory freshened.
It was time to think of you again.
Let us meet in the afternoon I thought.
I would tell u today that how much i love you.
IS this what falling in love is?I asked to myself.
love is what love and only love can understand.
So I fell in love with you.
How can someone FALL in love??
I rose up in love with you rather.
You took over my nights from dreams.
So dream came crowded in the morning just to remind me of you.
This afternoon i don't care about dress
I will b enlightened by your presence itself.
this afternoon i will b optimistic
Becasue I have given myself no other choice.
This afternoon I will hold your hand n walk side by side
Because i want to share my heart's warmth with yours.
This afternoon I will rise up in love
Beacuse i have seen the steps where love awaits me at the top
With its serenity,maturity and romanticism.

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