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Theatrical only ?

>> Jun 24, 2008

He creates the backdrop,
the lights and the shades.
The curtain is coloured blue ,
detailing situational turnarounds ,
The sets ,the floors ,
the bends.
And You enter
as if unknowingly ,
Unnoticed ,questioning your
own existence at that brink.

Where in that stage
The protagonists play aloud,
Act with authority
And remorse in silence ,
You stand under the sea of darkness
Only to be a nobody but one.

You clap after scenes ,
swing with the way the
the puppeteer prompts invisibly
to your emotions ,
timing your tears and laughs to
Rich benefits, since you
see nothing but real illusions.

Only the events alter
And time ticks on
As you play the part of a
mute spectator .

One day your pink hopes
Dilute in the colourless wishes
of too many shades
and leaves you amazed
As another curtain falls...

And never rises


2 well-wishers:

Muse June 24, 2008 8:31 PM  

I promised to read it again...I am doing it now...:):)
Just wowed!

(dunno why this write appeals to me so much!!)

Rukhiya June 27, 2008 7:59 AM  

Draped we are in curtains,
That are,

Standing behind them,
Through the haze,
If we may try,can,
But we chose not to, see.

:) ......... !!!
Bless you!!

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